The Various Methodologies of the "Morse Code Sound Bites":

Personalities or Characteristics each character

All (as in only) DITS and all (as in only) DAHS { E,I,S,H,5 } and { T, M, O, 0 }

Ballanced Sounds vs Unbalanced Sound { R, K, P, X } vs { A, N }

Accented Sounds { F, L } [ Repeated 3 times for familiarity ]

Mixed Sounds { D, B, V, U, G, J, 1 }

Drawn Out Sounds { Y, Q, C }

Difinitive Sounds { , . ? / }

Getting "Run-Over" before you can "think about it"


Combination Sounds

  1. Prefixes { FL, TH, WH, }

  2. Sufffixes { ING, ESE, ERE, }

Making it work:

Staying within a particular catagory, try various different speed selections and listen carefully.

Copying Techniques:

  1. For messages or comments, try first at speeds above what is comfortable, catching what characters you can, even if only a few.

  2. Run the message or comment at higher speed, and then repeat a the next slower speed, again at a slower sp

Copying Behind:

  1. Either record for playback, or have someone else read to you, from an article one letter at a time at one per second

  1. Either record some of the 3 and 4 letter groups, or have someone else read them to you at one letter per second