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Out of the immense number of topics that are useful for helping new Ham Radio folks pursue, on the technical side of ham radio, there are a few areas of discussion that are particularly useful and important at this early stage of effort. Perhaps the easiest way to go about this, in this page of helps, is to start by adding those topics that cause a lot of struggle for most of us at the onset. These short presentations cannot possibly be as a substitute for the wealth of good material available, but hopefully they can provide some additional insight into some "simpler ways" of learning these things.

 "Db's the Easy Way", without calculators or complicated formulas.

 Resistor Color Code in 18 minutes!

So just what is meant by the "Characteristic Impedance" of a length of coax?

What's so special about the so-called "Quarter-Wave Shorted Stub"?

Power Supply Basics, Understanding Various  Power Supply Systems and Regulation.

You might find these outlines (in progress) somewhat informative

Digital Mode Interface .Home-Brew (a 94Kb pdf file for printout)
   Interested in breadboarding your own Iambic Morse Code Keyer?    (a 138Kb pdf file for printout)
           How the Keyer Circuit works.

New material in process:

  Time Constants, Reactance, Imaginary Numbers, Phase Angles, and Impedance
  How to quickly learn Hexadecimal Codes
  How Binary/Octal/&Hexadecimal Codes run CPUS's

Special Links about Antennas:
 Commercial Antennas:  Construction Projects:  Antenna Design:  Antenna Theory:

GAP Vertical Antennas

Antenna Projects by AC6V

Antenna Design Books

Antenna Theory & Practice

SuperAntennas by W6MMA

ARRL Wire Antennas

Design Your Own J-Pole

Antennas! by W4RNL

Ant. Systems & Supplies

Invisible Antennas, WD4BIS

 2 Meter Copper J-Pole

Verticals without Vertigo

J-Pole, Yagi

Building Doppler Antennas

Eggbeater Loop

W4RNL (SK) Ant. Serv. & Edu !!.

Shoestring Antennas

Building Antennas

Antenna Modeling

Cubical Quad Antennas

Small Beams

J-Pole Antennas

 Copper Cactus J-Poles


 Antenna Traps WA7RSO
   Packet J-Pole Antenna    

Other Special Links about Antennas:
 Comoros DXpedition Ant. QRZ Article on W4RNL (SK)

General Links:

EZNEC by Roy W. Lewallen W7EL    (Antenna Modeling Software)
Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator  (Antenna RF Radiation)

Evergreen Intertie   (Northwest Repeater Interconnecting System)

Morse Code:

W1AW CW Practice -- On-The-Air

Morse Code Software - See what AC6V has to offer, and really good links:

Note especially the Morse Code Training Programs

I especially recommend CW Player (by F6DQM) and NuMorse, and they will run the the following Data Files very nicely:

 Morse Code Helps:

"ReadMe" (please)

Morse Code Data Files  Here's what I have used for many years for helping folks achieve their morse code proficiency. I originally had it on audio tape, but it works very well with these Morse Code programs as a Data File. It helps by comparisons with those areas that sound so much alike, and how to deal with those dificulties. See Group Selections for a more detailed view of these test files.
Morse Code Data HTML File (given here as an html, which can be converted to a data file)
For an explantion of the philosophy of these groups.

Initial Difficulties of the beginner and those experiencing difficulty in progress.
"Straight Key" operation made easy.  

 Learning how to "Copy Behind" in Morse Code.

More General Links:

Digital Modes:





 New Digital Modes (by KB2EOQ)
 G-Psk31 & KPSK - Linux Versions  

(more later)

 Open Amateur Repeaters
 Puget Sound Repeater Group

QRZ Home

ARRL & TAPR Digital Communications Conference

Links to Amateur Radio Clubs:

New Jersey QRP Club

Snohomish County Hams Club  (WA7LAW)

Local Washington Area Repeaters

     Radio Club of Tacoma - W7DK

    Federal Way Amateur Radio Club - WA7FW

     Mike & Key Amateur Radio Club - Seattle - K7LED

     Boeing Employees (BEARS) - K7NWS

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