From: Dave Funk - WA7RSO - - 05/22/2020
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Feel free to copy any of these files, as they are presented as a public service.
These "Code Groups" are what I have used so successfully over the years to get folks off to a good start.

The "InitialDifficulties.html" file is important for those who are struggling with learning basic code.

The "Philosophy of the Code Groups" explain how they work and how to use them.
( Please read this CodePhilos.html file )

The "Reference Text" files should be printed out for checking results.

The "Modified Text" is set for loading into any of the Morse Code Software (carriage returns "break" the code sequence).

Various .wav files can be recorded from the "Modified Text", with the CW_Player Program. You can create your own, at new speeds, but for heaven's sake don't go slower than 13WPM !! (dits start sounding like dahs)

My personal preferences are the "
CW_Player" and the "Nu_Morse" Programs.

Special Html files:

An illustratation of how to learn to copy behind. [ "CopyBehind.html" ]

Exercises for learning how to do precise "Straight Key" (almost like machine code).
[ "StraightKey.html" ]

How to load and run each of the Code Groups for the CW_Player:
Open the CW_Player folder and execute CW_Player.exe
Select "File" under "Choice", and open the folder "Modified Text" in "Code Groups"
Pick a file (like EISH5.txt) to "Open"
Set the desired code speed (like 18wpm)
You may simply "Play File" to see and hear the code, or ........
You can do a "Cut & Paste" of all of the text within the display to place into the "Enter Text Window", to now allow you to create a ____.wav file, by selecting "Tools" and then "Record Text as Wave File". You do not need to "Play" to create the ___.wav file, but be sure to declare them as ___.wav type.

Build your own Iambic Keyer.

( ___.PDF files of the schematics: )

"DitDahGen.pdf" and "CodeGen.pdf"      (the chips for the DitDahGen are 74121, 7495, and 74123)


Sound Card to Transmitter Interface for Digital Modes

"DigMode.PDF" schematic file.


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