Presentation Sequence:

Filter Considerations Outlines - (html or pdf)

"Think About It" (pdf)

The 4 Filter Configurations (see Fig #6 of the "Op-Amp Quiz")

Single LC Filter for a Power Supply (bmp)

XL_and_XC_vs_frequency (bmp)

LC Comparisons (bmp)

LC Filters (bmp)

Reactance Ilustrations:

Explaining Reactance (html / pdf)

Reactance Illustrations (2 Circuits each {bmp})

ELI_Sine (pdf)

ICE_Sine (pdf)

Time Constant Curves (bmp)

Odd Illustrations:

Automotive Coil (ckt)

Test Questions:

Series RLC (pdf)

Parallel RLC (pdf)


Op-Amp Circuits (pdf)

Twin-T-Circuit (bmp)

Wien Bridge (Twin-T) Tone Oscilator (bmp)


Filter_Circuit_Illustrations – ddf – WA7RSO – for 03/03/2021