Talking points: (05/05/2021)

Lest you think that power supplies is a simple and perhaps a dull subject, take a look at the Outline for power supplies.

Now, consider some of the important aspects of power supplies

  1. Output Voltage required

  2. Output Amperage required

  3. And don't forget the actual wattage required, as it relates to the voltage and amperage.

  4. If it is a "Linear Power Supply" the transformer required may be large and heavy, rated in KVA, rather than watts.

  5. The rectifiers to be used (if solid state) not only need to be able to deal with the amperage, but very possibly you may have to consider the peak reverse voltage (PRV) they may encounter.

  6. The rectifiers may need have heat sinks, to prevent damage.

  7. To accomplish adequite filtering, the components need to be the adequite values, and even the physical size may need to be considered.

  8. For the filter, the decision to use a L-Type or Pi-Type, with RC or LC, as a Capcitive-Input Filter, or a Choke-Input Filter.

  9. A Capacitive-Input Filter may require a surge resistor to limit the "In-rush-Current".

  10. If a lot of current is required, should you consider using a "Swinging-Choke".

  11. For most any electronics application, the control of the amount of "Ripple" is a necessary consideration.

  12. Voltage regulation is usually an important consideration, especially to reduce ripple and protect equipment.

  13. On accasion, "Current Limitation" is necessary, especially to prevent Overload or for protection to important equipment.

  14. A "Full-Wave-Rectifier" can be either by a Center-Tapped-Transformer, or by a "Bridge-Rectifier".

  15. A "Bridge -Rectifier" can be used to create a "Dual-Voltage" system.

  16. If it is a "Switching Power Supply" it is actually two power supplies, with a switching circuit or oscillator. This system utilizes smaller transformers allowed by the higher frequency, and allows much smaller filter components.

P.S. Page #1: PS_Test1.pdf - Simple and Regulation

P.S. Page #2: PwrCkts1.pdf - Half-Wave / Full-Wave & Dual-Voltage

P.S. Page #3: Variable Inductance (MMF, Reluctance, Flux Density) 

P.S. Page #4: PwrCkts2.pdf - Chopper & Regulation

P.S. Page #5; SwPwrSup.pdf - Switching Circuits

MFJ-4035MV Power Supply

Astron 35A/M Power Supply

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