Microprocessor Lab Check-Off List:



Phase #1
NE555 functions:
 Variable ( 1Hz to 10KHz )  


Phase #2
Microprocessor functions:
 Address Lines Changing?  
 Data Buss LED's Activity?  
 "Dot Clock" Display?  
 Status Display Activity?  


Phase #3
EEPROM functions (with NOP's in ROM):
 Status Display?  
 Timing/EEPROM active ?  
 Addr Lines responding correctly?  
 Data Lines responding correctly?  


Phase #4          ( LDA, STA, IN, OUT, JMP Commands )
EEPROM, SRAM, and I/O Devices:
 Memory Access (Read & Write)  
 Data Input (observe by "Data")  
 Data Output  
 (Observe by "Data" & "I/O" LED's)  

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