Software Packages Available, and the conditions for their release and use.


These Software Packages are to be released soon to Public use

by myself as the author of each of them, while retaining the rights to them by Copyright Law.

SfE-DCS, ddf

Motorola 6800 Microprocessor Emulation on the IBM PC:

  • This program was developed for classroom use by the student as a direct equivelant to the Motorola M6800 Hardware Trainer. It was proven in the classroom that by use of this software training program that student comprehension of the nuences of the M6800 Architecture, Commands, Flags, and most importantly - the Addressing Modes of these Microprocessor Devices, was dramatically increased, and in a much shorter time schedule.
  • M6800 Emulator

    Teacher's Gradebook Program:


    I hope to present some snapshots of both of these in the near future.