Analog and Op-Amp Test Terms:


 Linear  Log
 Differential Input  Differential Output
 Integrate  Differentiate
 Summing Junction  Virtual Ground
Positive Feedback  Negative Feedback
 Regenerative Feedback  Degenerative Feedback
 Oscillation  Common Mode Rejection
 Lo-Pass Filter  Hi-Pass Filter
 Passive Filter  Active Filter
 Bandpass Filter  Bandpass Reject Filter
 Trap (Notch)  Selectivity
 Offset  Overdriven Amplifier
 Clipping  Gain Figure
 Open Loop Gain  Closed Loop Gain
 A/D Conversion  D/A Conversion
 Voltage Follower  Voltage Comparitor
 Hysteresis  Beta (%) Feedback
 Rise Time  Fall Time
 Frequency Response  Frequency Compensation
 Damping  Q
 Output Z  Input Z
 Integrator  Sink Point (Current Sink)
 Unity Gain  RC/RL/RLC Filters
 L-Section  T-Section
 Pi-Section  Balanced/Unbalanced
 BALUN  Wien-Bridge (Twin-T)
 VCO/VCF  Class A/AB/B/C/D
 AM/FM/PM/MFM/FSK/PCM  Coupling - DC/RC/Xfmr/Z/Opto
 Constant Current Source  Constant Voltage Source
 Single Ended Output  Balanced Output
 Single Input  Balanced Input
 Bandwidth  Passband
 Amplification  Attenuation
 Inverting Input  Non-Inverting Input
 Staircase  Slew Rate

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