Accountable Commands and Structutes in "BASIC"



CLS Clear the CRT screen

END End of program run

INPUT Input of either ASCII character ("string"), or numerical value

FILES Show files on disk, like "DIR" in dos

GOTO Goto a specific line number or label (like "JMP" in assembly language)

GOSUB, RETURN Gosub to a specific line number or label (like "CALL" , "JSR"), with a return (like "RET", "RTS")

LIST List out the program (start, stop)

PRINT Print to the CRT screen (a left-over from teletype days)

REM Remark, i.e. comment to end of the line

SAVE Save current file to disk

STOP, CONT Temporrary stop, with continuation possible

SYSTEM Exit the BASIC program structure, and return to DOS

+ - * / A few of the numerical descriptions



IF THEN ELSE Conditionl testing, with results and exceptions

LLIST LPRINT List out, or Print out, to the "Line Printer"

DIM Dimension statement(s) for subscripted variables

FOR NEXT STEP Looping for a starting assigned value, and closing value, with step changes of the looping variable

TAB( ) Numerical, or caculated, tab position assignments for CRT or line printer positions

LEN Length of aan ASCII text string variable

LEFT$ RIGHT$ MID$ Excising a specified number of letters (as a copy) of an ASCII text variable, by left-right-middle

RANDOMIZE Obtaining of a new "seed" for the pseudo-random number generator

RND( ) Pick a random number by the pseudo-random process

Single & Double Subscripts Single, double, or multiple subscripted variables, for "Arrays" of those variables



ABS Obtain an unsigned value of a given variable

ASC Obtain the ASCII value of an ASCII text variable

AND OR XOR Logical, i.e. conditional, treatments of statements

CHR$ Print the actual character as it is, without regard to numerical or ASCII

COLOR Set foreground and background color on the CRT

DATE$ TIME$ Get, or set, the date or time of the current computer

HEX$ Print out the numerical value in hexadecimal, instead of decimal

LOCATE row,col Locate the cursor to the selected row and column

x=POS(0) Get the current column position

y = CSRLIN Get the current line position

OCTAL$ Print out the numerical value in octal, instead of decimal

ON N GOTO,GOSUB "Computed" selection of GOTO's or GOSUB's, based on the value of "N"

OPEN CLOSE Open or close a file on disk

PRINT USING "Formatted" printed output

STR$ Conversion from a value to an "ASCII String" variable

UCASE$ LCASE$ Convert from one case to another

VAL Determine the value of an ASCII text "number"

Commas are used as delimeters (breaks), on input variables, whereas ":" are used as delimeters (breaks) between commands.

basicmds.sam 07/27/95