Power Supply Regulator Quiz #1


Regarding the Solid State Series-Pass Regulator shown in Figure #3 of this Schematic ( 93Kb PDF),
    see if you can determine these possible events:

In the "Reaction Column" choose between the two choices given.



 Q3 has an Emitter to Collector Short  Ecc  increases/decreases

 Zener Diode Z1 opens  Q1's conduction  increases/decreases

 R1 opens  Q3's conduction  increases/decreases

 The Collector of Q3 opens  R4's current  increases/decreases

 R2 increases resistance  Ecc  increases/decreases

 Q2 is replaced with a lower Beta  Ecc  increases/decreases

 If Ecc is too high  R3 should be  increased/decreased

 RL increases resistance  Q2's conduction  increases/decreases

 R3 loses the ground connection  Ecc  increases/decreases

 Q3 concucts more  Q1's conduction  increases/decreases

 RL is removed  Q3's conduction  increases/decreases

 Q2 conducts more  Q3's conduction  increases/decreases

 Q3 is replaced with a higher Beta  Ecc  increases/decreases

 Q1 is replaced with a higher Beta  Ecc  increases/decreases

 Q2's Collector opens  Q3's conduction  increases/decreases

What is wrong or missing in the design of this circuit in the area of Q2?

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