General Basic Electronics Questions


  1. A 20 micro-amp meter movement, with an internal resistance (Rm) of 172 ohms, is considered to have a "sensitivity" of _______ ohms per volt.
  2. A 50 micro-amp meter movement, with an internal resistance (Rm) of 212 ohms will read _______ v when reading full scale.
  3. A 40K ohms per volt meter sensitivity means that the meter will read full scale at what current through the meter? ________ .
  4. A voltmeter constructed from a 250 micro-amp movement, will require a total resistance of ______ ohms, to read 60V as a full scale reading.
  5. A voltmeter constructed from a 100 micro-amp movement, that has a total resistance of 145K ohms, will require ______ V to read full-scale.

Inductance and Capacitance:

  1. A 55 micro-henry coil in series with a 12 mhy coil, both of which are in parallel with a 118 micro-henry coil, would result in a total inductance of ________ hy.
  2. A 300pf capacitor oin series with a 12pf capacitor would be _____ pf total.
  3. The Capacitive Reactance of a 150pf capacitor at 455Khz would be _______ ohms.
  4. The Inductive Reactance of a 410mhy inductor at 814 Hz would be _______ ohms.
  5. With L1=14mhy, and L2=27mhy, compute both the series and parallel inductance as totals:
    Lt(series) = ________  mhy                  Lt(parallel) = ________ mhy
  6. With C1=33pf, and C2=4.7pf, compute both the series and parallel capacitance as totals:
    Ct(series) = ________ pf                     Ct(parallel) = ________ pf

Time Constants:

  • A series circuit of a 45mhy inductance, and a 680 ohm resistance, connected across a 12V source would:
  • show a CEMF of 6.8V across the inductor at 1.1 Time Constants.
  • reach 11.4 ma after 85 microseconds.
  • drop to a CEMF of 63.2% of the 12V in 22 microseconds.
  • reach 35% of I(max) in 1.05 Time Constants.
  • Resonance:

  • A 150pf capacitor inseries with a 410 mhy inductor will be resonant at _______ Hz.
  • A series inductance of 80 micro-henry, and a capacitance of 100pf, would:
  • resonate at 1.55Mhz.
  • have both XL and XC = 895 ohms at resonance.
  • appear as a capacitance at 2.05 Mhz.
  • show more voltage across the capacitor than the inductor at 4.77 Mhz.
  • Conversions:

    Fill in all the missing values in the chart below:










  • Resistivity is:
  • opposition to change in current flow.
  • total opposition to current flow.
  • property of a substance that opposes current flow.
  • property that resists an Electrostatic Field.
  • Reactance is:
  • the property that reacts to a Magnetic Field.
  • total opposition to Electrostaic-Flux.
  • opposition to change in current or voltage.
  • opposition to magnetic current flow.
  • Reluctance is:
  • the property that impedes flux of any kind.
  • the total opposition to Electrostatic Flux.
  • the amount of opposition to change in flux.
  • the total opposition to Magnetic Flux.
  • Permeability is:
  • the Specific Permeance of a particular substance, compared with that of a vacuum.
  • the ease by which an Electrostatic Field may be set up within a substance.
  • the number of lines of flux per sq. cm.


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