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ddf - WA7RSO - 06/08/2013

Even as a youngster, I was always more than "interested" in just about everything, even if it was way above me. My motto to this day: "I'm interested in anything and everything all the time".

Having said that, my interests are: in depth Bible Study, all areas of science, repairing watches & clocks, ham radio, tuning antennas, woodworking, CNC machines, digital & electronic circuit design and bread-boarding same, circuit board design, computer programming/languages, working with various micro-controllers (PIC, Arduino, etc), chess, computer building and repair, puzzles, tutoring a few young people on some of these interests, and occasionaly giving a presentation of such to clubs or schools.

Unfortunately at 80 years of age, and especially time constraints, hunting & fishing are not as easy to do as they were.


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