Neat Tricks - Simplified ways of doing Complicated Tasks


In any industry, there are methods used that can be not just shortcuts, but very savy and practical ways of accomplishing those tasks set before us. Some of these mehods are well known, but some seem to be in hiding for some obscure reason. I would like to set forth a few of these that are very relevant to electronics, computers, ham radio for consideration.

 Scientific & Engineering Notation - easy ways that always work!

 Easy Methods of "Estimating Parallel Circuits", without a calculator, while maintaining less than 5% error!

(and a 3rd formula for parallel resistors, that the books don't bother to tell you)

 "Dbs the Easy Way", without calculators or complicated formulas. (also now expressed as dB, since 1973)

  Resistor Color Code in 18 minutes!

Throw those color wheels away (or give them to your enemies)


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