Digital Labs - The Basics:    (Part 1 of 6)    [2-6 in progress]

Lab Descriptions:



 Basic Gates, and Basic Functions
 "Functions" vs Gates !!
 Thresholds and Outputs
 Basic "Boolean" descriptions
 Gate Conversions
 Connective Gating (NAND's, NOR's)
 Gating & Control
 "Enable" vs "Inhibit" Controls
 Review of "Forced" vs "Maybe"
   Input Controls
 Exclusive OR "Functions" (3 Circuits)
  Comparator Circuit,
  Half-Adder Circuit,
  and The 4 NAND's
The Exclusive OR Function as a Selectable   Invertor
 Boolean Conversions,
  via "DeMorgan's Law"
 The RS Data Latch's
   using Cross-Coupled NAND's & NOR's
 "Flip-Flip", v.s. "Illegal" or "Prohibited"
 "Flop-Flop", v.s."Illegal" or "Prohibited"
 "Forced" v.s. "Maybe" Input Controls
  (again, for the RS-FF's)
 The 4-Input / 4-Output Exclusive-Or Circuit,    and "Troubleshooting"
 Dynamic-Gating Analysis

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