Topics for Presentation or Discussion:


 Understanding Transistor Circuits

Using basic DC to simplify transistor action

 Understanding Db’s (without those scary formulas!)

From 0db to infinity

 A really simple way to do Scientific and Engineering Notation, that always give you the right answer.

Don’t think about "moving decimal points"

 A realistic approach to quickly estimating parallel resistor circuits.

How to GUESS really close, without even using a calculator (within less than 5% error)

 An understandable approach to reactance, impedance, and phase angles.

Like, what’s REAL and what’s IMAGINARY?

  Impedance Matching

What do we really mean when we refer to "Impedance Matching" ?

  Characteristic Impedance, or Source Impedance of Coax or Transmission Lines

So just what is meant by the "Characteristic or Surge Impedance" of a length of coax?

  A unique approach to Digital Gates and Circuits that really works!

Nicknames that work, without a lot of memorization

  In Morse Code, everyone tells you that you should learn to copy behind. Here’s how!

(In fact, you don’t have to know Morse Code to learn this)

  Resistor Color Code in 18 minutes!

Throw those color wheels away (or give them to your enemies)

 Breadboarding techniques, and what’s actually needed.

Inexpensive to not-so-inexpensive

  What really goes on inside microprocessors (and the really big computers too).

From the very simplest CPU to the most complicated in the world

  What is a computer operating system, and how does it work? DOS, Windows, OS/2, Linux, Win-9x, etc.

… and, just what is a "Driver", and where does it fit in or apply?

Thoughts to consider:

Process: A series of acts or changes, proceeding from one to the next.

Procedure: An act or manner of proceeding.. a prescribed way of doing something, as in a legal procedure,

.... a particular course of action.

Technique: The entire body of procedures and methods of a science, art or craft, skill in these procedures and methods,

…. a way of achieving a purpose.

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