Recent or New Schematics:

 200 dpi pdf files:



 See if you can identify all of these in a very specific manner

 Useful and Practical Timer Circuits for Labs

 Good evaluation of your understanding of DC Series & Parallel


 Iambic Morse Code Circuit

 Hand-drawn description of how MorseCode Gen works

 Four J-K F-F's that generate a particular binary sequence

 A practical circuit that makes an excellent troubleshooting lab.

 A demonstration of basic Bi-Directional Multiplexing

 How to fabricate specific Voltmeters and Ammeters

 How to really understand Gates and Gating !

 How Coincident Gating can be controlled by Enables & Inhibits

 Transistor Configurations and how to identify them

 Some color added to TranConf

 Can you properly identify these Transistor Circuits and Functions?

 Solve in detail this Transistor Circuit Problem.

 Solve this 2-Stage Transistor Circuit Problem

 Getting stated with Basic Trig, for solving AC Circuit and Z Problems

 Solve this series of AC Problems, with Reactances & Impedances

 Solve this series of AC Problems, with Reactances & Impedances

 Solve these AC Transformer and 3-Phase Problems

 Build these two 8421 Binary "Ripple" Counters

 Build these three 8421 Binary "Ripple" Counters

 How to analyze Dynamic Gating vs. Static Gating

 Can you properly identify these Transistor Circuits and Functions?

 Illustrating the difference between Level-Capture and Edge-Capture
 Memory Labs

 Lab Documentation for SRAM 2102 and 2114 Labs

 Extensive Lab for SRAM 2102

 Extensive Lab for SRAM 2114

Recent or New Tests & Quizes:


 A few very basic "word-questions"

 A series of basic electronics questions

 Understanding and troubleshooting Power-Supplies

 Questions about various Disk Drives

 Questions about a number of Video Systems

 Serial and Parallel questions

 A series of basic questions about Networking

 A "Checklist" of the most important "DOS" terms

 MS/DOS Questions, Fill in the blanks

 MS/DOS Questions, Multiple-Choice
 Basic Commands

 Commands in "BASIC" you should know

 Hi-Level Language Questions about "BASIC" and "C"

 Hi-Level Language Questions about "BASIC" and "C"

 Although not an "OS", this shell allows the effect called "Windows"

 Identify and compute the necessary vlaues of these Transistor Ckts.

Recent or New Theory or Topics:


 Floppy Drives from early dates until now

 Thevenin's and Norton's Equivelant Configurations

 Why Impedance Matching is so important

 What is Surge or Characteristic Impedance anyhow?

 What is so special about a shorted Quarter-Wave Stub?

 Understanding Transistor Circuits and Configurations
 Outlines .  Outlines for study purposes
 Z80 Lab Projects .  Breadboard some Z80 Labs
 Z80 Project Board .  Professional Z80 Circuit Board, description and photos
 Iambic Keyer .  Morse-Code Keyer Circuit, description and schematic
 Digital Interface .  Digital Interface for Ham Radio between CPU and Transceiver
 DOS Terms

 Terms for PC/DOS, NW/DOS, MS/DOS
 Analog Terms

 Terminology you should consider as they relate to Op-Amps
 Power Supplies

 Practical Power Supplies. I.e. Rectifiers/Filters/Regulation
 Assembly Language

 Basic Principles of Assembly Language for any CPU
 Time Constants

 Basic Principles and Importance of Time Constants
 Reactance & Phase

 Using Time Constants to explain Reactance and Phase Angles
 Special Effects

 Special Effects of Capacitance & Inductance by Current Changes

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