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by WA7RSO - 01/10/2021

"Looking Back a Few Years"

"Early Logic"

"Neat Tricks"

Db's without calculators or formulas ("Interpolating", a technical word for educated guessing)

Estimating Parallel Resistors without formulas or calculators

(also, see Estimating in "Solutions-For-Education.com")

Study guides for HAM Licenses

New Total Re-Write of the "Sound_Bites" (>2,000 Sound Bites @ 8 different WPM Speeds)

The Methodologies over the years behind the construction of the Sound Bites

Review of Series and Parallel Circuits, especially the Ladder Circuit

The Description of the Schematic in QST-BYI--Sept, 2020 - Page 30

"TTL Thresholds"

"The Two Puzzles" ( Fictional ~5 minutes)

"ELI" for Pure Inductance (90 Degree Phase Shift)

"ICE" for Pure Capacitance (90 Degree Phase Shift)

Explaining Reactance

Static vs Dynamic Considerations (pdf / html)

Introduction to Gate Functions, Logic Functions

Taking advantage of the MFJ-269 and other Antenna Analyzers

More Detailed Gate Descriptions and Schematics with Labs

Gating Logic - Functions - Coincidence - Controls
Initial By Functions Multiple Inputs Multiple Controls
Basic Gates Gate Functions Coicidence Gating Enable and Inhibit Controls


Enable & Inhibit Controls
 Enables  Example 1  Example 2  Example 3  Example 4
 Inhibits  Example 5  Example 6  Example 7  Example 8

 "Muti-Mode-Keyer" - Circuit Description, Schematics, Software

Various Versions:
Early - before 1973 Early - 1973 Current - with  Arduino   Current - 44-Pin Cards

Current - 44Pin Cards & CPU

"Tri-Mode" Wire-Wrap (Transistorized) 

"Tri-Mode" - TTL

Logic Module with Mega Timing

Logic_Module, & Timing_Module Logic_Module & Timing_Module with CPU (extra inputs & control)


Next "Digital Lab" Pages:
DigitalLabs2 - Connective Gating of NAND's NOR's

DigitalLabs3 - Exclusive-OR Circuits

DigitalLabs4 - Data Latches & R-S Flip-Flops

DigitalLabs5 - J-K Flip-Flop Considerations

DigitalLabs6 - Timer Circuits - One-Shots/Single-Shots, Free-Running

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