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by WA7RSO - 06/03/2021

"Looking Back a Few Years"

"Early Logic"

"Neat Tricks"

Db's without calculators or formulas ("Interpolating", a technical word for educated guessing)

Estimating Parallel Resistors without formulas or calculators

(also, see Estimating in "Solutions-For-Education.com")

Study guides for HAM Licenses

New Total Re-Write of the "Sound_Bites"

(>200 Sound Bites, incorporating 8 different WPM Speeds, for >2,000 variations)

01/06/2021 The Methodologies over the years behind the construction of the Sound Bites

02/03/2021 Review of Series and Parallel Circuits, especially the Ladder Circuit

02/112021 DB's the Easy Way (_.pdf)

03/03/2021 "Outlines" and Taking a look at just a few of many Filters (and)

Reactance Considerations

Filter_Circuit_Illustrations (lots of links)

04/07/2021 "Getting Started with Arduinos"

05/05/2021 "A Glimpse at Power Supplies"

06/03/2021 "Controlling 'Constant Current Sources' to 'Capacitors and Inductors' "

The Description of the Schematic in QST-BYI--Sept, 2020 - Page 30

"TTL Thresholds"

"The Two Puzzles" ( Fictional ~5 minutes)

"ELI" for Pure Inductance (90 Degree Phase Shift)

"ICE" for Pure Capacitance (90 Degree Phase Shift)

Explaining Reactance

Static vs Dynamic Considerations (pdf / html)

Introduction to Gate Functions, Logic Functions

Taking advantage of the MFJ-269 and other Antenna Analyzers

More Detailed Gate Descriptions and Schematics with Labs

Gating Logic - Functions - Coincidence - Controls
Initial By Functions Multiple Inputs Multiple Controls
Basic Gates Gate Functions Coicidence Gating Enable and Inhibit Controls


Enable & Inhibit Controls
 Enables  Example 1  Example 2  Example 3  Example 4
 Inhibits  Example 5  Example 6  Example 7  Example 8

 "Muti-Mode-Keyer" - Circuit Description, Schematics, Software

Various Versions:
Early - before 1973 Early - 1973 Current - with  Arduino   Current - 44-Pin Cards

Current - 44Pin Cards & CPU

"Tri-Mode" Wire-Wrap (Transistorized) 

"Tri-Mode" - TTL

Logic Module with Mega Timing

Logic_Module, & Timing_Module Logic_Module & Timing_Module with CPU (extra inputs & control)


Next "Digital Lab" Pages:
DigitalLabs2 - Connective Gating of NAND's NOR's

DigitalLabs3 - Exclusive-OR Circuits

DigitalLabs4 - Data Latches & R-S Flip-Flops

DigitalLabs5 - J-K Flip-Flop Considerations

DigitalLabs6 - Timer Circuits - One-Shots/Single-Shots, Free-Running

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